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5 ways to build your resume in college

Your college resume is your springboard into the workforce. Building a solid professional profile is the best way to land your dream job. Here are 5 things to do while in college to create a well rounded resume.

1. Summer internships and Co-ops

The best way to show an employer that you are ready to work for them is if you already have some real-life experience. Internships and Co-Ops are typically what employers look for when evaluating the candidate’s experience.

If you are looking for an internship be sure to check myCCO regularly for new positions. Career fairs are also a great way to find an internship. Getting started with the internship search as early as possible is vital, especially if you are in a field where internship opportunities are limited. All students, including freshmen, are advised to apply for internship opportunities.

2. On-campus jobs

It is important to maintain a steady stream of relevant experiences throughout your college career. Look for positions that you feel have some transferable skills you could put on your resume. There are a wide variety of positions on and near campus you can take advantage of, including:

  1. Teaching Assistant Positions: Talk to the professors of classes you have performed well in. Often there is an established TA position you can apply for. If not, discuss the benefits of having a TA with your professor.

  2. Purdue Department Part-Time Jobs/Internships: Various departments at Purdue have part time jobs and internships available. Look for positions on the Purdue On-Campus Employment Page or, even better, talk to the departments you are interested in working for directly (e.g. talk to the Purdue Marketing and Media department about available positions).

  3. Discovery Park Internships: Discovery Park and its major centers lead Purdue’s large-scale interdisciplinary research efforts. The Purdue Discovery Park offers a wide range of research and internship positions for ALL MAJORS by pairing students with researchers and startups. Click here to learn more about the programs offered by the Discovery Park.

3. Competitions

Case Competitions, Data Dives, Hackathons and other competitive events allow students to apply their knowledge in a high-pressure situation.

Corporations often host such events to offer students an opportunity to work on real-world challenges and often use the competition as a way to scope out potential new-hires. Additionally, case competitions are great to talk about in interviews especially when questions about when deadlines and teamwork are brought up.

4. Professional Organizations

Being part of a professional organization is a great way to connect with a group pf people with similar professional goals. Leadership positions within these organizations look great on your resume. Professional organizations also often host events with companies which provides networking opportunities. Consider joining two types of professional organizations: 1) The large organization which provides access to many large employers, 2) A niche professional organization focusing on your specific interests.

5. Volunteering

Volunteering for organizations and professors during the semester can also boost your resume. If you are looking for opportunities to improve your resume, look for volunteer opportunities that you believe will allow you to apply transferable skills (e.g. leadership, programming, and software). Learn more about volunteer opportunities available now.

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