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How to ask for a LinkedIn recommendation

LinkedIn has become a critical tool in professional networking and recruiting in virtually any field. Having an expert status on your profile will be even more beneficial, as more recruiters are likely to find you through the site’s search engine. Your profile is the viewer’s first impression of you! A great way to help ensure the viewer has a positive, honest first impression is through LinkedIn recommendations. But how do you go about asking for a LinkedIn recommendation? Read on to find out.

1. Think of who to ask

The best people to ask are those who you have worked with directly. These people will be able to speak to your experience and have great insight into your skills and abilities. Don’t be afraid to ask a colleague or teammate.

2. Make your request personal

By hovering over the down arrow to the right of the “view profile as” button on your LinkedIn profile, you can click on “ask for a recommendation.” From there, type a personal request, including specific qualities and experiences you would like them to speak on.

3. See that their response fits the general guidelines

A LinkedIn recommendation should be no longer than 3 short paragraphs. Here is a rough outline to follow:

  • Describe the relationship with the person.

  • Show that you have already vouched for this person within the company or organization.

  • Describe a project they worked on that displays the various professional qualities that this person holds.

  • Close with a call to action.

Have further questions regarding LinkedIn? Stop by our drop-ins in Young 132 Monday-Friday 10-4pm to receive assistance.

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