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Get energized in your job search

As we are nearing the halfway point of the semester, it’s easy to feel burnt out and stressed, especially if you are still searching for a job or summer internship. You may have applied for countless positions, but none seem to be working out.

While you may sometimes feel like giving up, it’s important to continue your job search with enthusiasm and perseverance to be successful. If you’re needing a little extra inspiration, here are some tips on how to get energized in your job search:


If you’re not already organized in your job search, it’s not too late to do so. Being organized in your job search can help keep your mind clear and outline potential steps to take in order to secure a job.

Try keeping a notebook or Microsoft word document of all of the jobs you’ve applied to, where you’re at in your hiring process with them (resume submitted, phone interview, etc.) as well as any additional insight that may be important to note about the various companies or positions.

Also, try spending at least ten minutes every week updating your resume. With college curriculums moving at such a past pace, it’s important to spend some time each week self-reflecting on what skills or knowledge you may have learned that will make you a stronger job candidate.

Also, be sure to set aside specific times to pursue your job search and apply to places so that it doesn’t get pushed to the side.


Having a strong LinkedIn profile is seriously underrated. You can find and connect with employees at several of your dream companies (however, read this before you go requesting every person you can find), and while it may not be wise to straight up ask for a job, many employees will be willing to give you some advice on how to improve your resume or get noticed.

Keep your LinkedIn updated so that if a HR manager or someone stumbles across your profile, they actually want to stop and read it instead of continuing onto the next profile. We have plenty of tips on how to create a strong profile on our blog.


You never know if your best friend’s dad’s company is hiring an intern, or if your co-worker knows someone who knows someone at your dream company. According to US News, more than 70% of job positions are filled through networking. However, make sure you’re building strong relationships with the people in your network and not just reaching out when you need something. A little relationship building can go a long way. Also, be sure to attend as many career fairs and expos as you can. You may impress a recruiter who will put in a good word to HR about you. Check out the CCO calendar to see what events are coming up.


You know you’re awesome; we know you’re awesome. But are you effectively communicating this through your cover letters and resume? Try to think of the most valuable things you’ve learned from your previous internships, jobs, volunteer experiences, study abroad, on-campus involvement or volunteer activities. There are several ways to write a resume, and you can figure out how to write one that best showcases your skills and achievements.

Also, even if you think something you’ve done isn’t that cool (like increasing membership by 10 members for an on-campus organization that you’re involved in), employers will see that as your ability to communicate effectively and sell your product or service. It’s a start, so don’t leave that stuff out!


A wise man (my dad) once told me that interviewing is an art, and I think he is right. Take time to research common interview questions and try to develop strong answers that you feel accurately represent you. If you can understand yourself, how you work and what your skills are, you’re already halfway there! Now, try signing up for a peer mock interview, or at least practice with a close friend or relative who can provide positive constructive feedback.


Don’t get so consumed in your job search or schoolwork that you forget to take care of other aspects of your life. Staying healthy will make you happier (everyone knows exercising releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy!), and the confidence boost, energy and happiness you gain from exercising will quickly seep into your everyday life. These things can pay off big time once it comes time for interviewing!


Whether you’re the kind of person who likes to use inspirational quotes for motivation, or read books about other peoples’ success stories, you just do you. Keep a positive attitude, and what goes around will come around (queue Justin Timberlake song). If you want some extra guidance on your job search, don’t hesitate to stop by the CCO during drop-in hours (10 am-4 pm) or make an appointment with a career counselor.

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