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5 Reasons To Pursue a Non-Profit Career

What is a nonprofit?

Nonprofits are organizations that work to improve the common good of society in some way, typically through charitable, educational, scientific or religious means (usnews).

According to a 2012 report by the Center for Civil Society Studies at Johns Hopkins University, nonprofit employment represents 10.1 percent of total employment in the United States in 2010, with total employees numbering 10.7 million.

Here are 5 good reasons to pursue a nonprofit career:

1. Doing Meaningful Work

Working for a company whose values are aligned with your own is a great way to keep you motivated at work. Working for a nonprofit is a great way to effect change in local, national, and international communities . Nonprofit workers report that they are “very satisfied with their opportunity to accomplish something worthwhile.

2. Opportunities to Work on Various Projects

Generally, nonprofits operate largely on a project basis. The wide variety of projects to work on provide many opportunities to pick up new skills. It also allows you to avoid the monotony of doing the same repetitive task every day. Have a diverse skill set? Nonprofits love jack-of-all-trades who are able to contribute many skills and perspectives to a wide range of projects.

3. Less Hierarchical

Nonprofits often pride themselves on their community of employees. The structure of nonprofits is often less hierarchical, which means employees interact with upper management more frequently to present projects or learn new skills.

4. Meet Interesting, Driven Individuals

Every day you get to work with people on the same mission as you. Working with people on the same mission as you creates a motivating atmosphere and creates great environment for meeting like-minded, and equally driven people.

5. Nonprofit Salaries can Hold Their Own

In industries such as healthcare and education, nonprofit salaries are identical to or outpace for-profit pay rates by as much as 30%. It is still possible to earn a great living while serving in a wide range of roles and working a variety of missions.

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