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How To React After Landing A Job

Nobody likes a show-off… Our solution? Humble bragging. Humble bragging has become an essential part of interacting with recruiters and landing a job. A humble brag is a statement in which you portray modesty while simultaneously telling people about your successes or achievements. While humble bragging can be beneficial during the job search process, it can be inappropriate once you actually land the job. Learn from Barney Stinson on what NOT to do when you find out you landed the job:

If your friends are there when you find out you just landed your dream job, do not trust fall on them

Falling after receiving word that you have just landed your dream job is understandable. That’s incredibly exciting! However, doing a trust fall onto your friends is way too much, especially if they aren’t as satisfied with where their careers are going. Instead, tone down your excitement and humbly inform your friends of your achievements.

Don’t make your friends high five you for landing the job

Although landing a job is a great accomplishment, that does not give you permission to force your friends to give you the highest of fives. Instead, use that energy to assist them in finding a job. Start by telling them to come to the CCO to get resume or job search help! The job search is even easier for Purdue students, as we have full access to job postings specific to Purdue students through myCCO.

So you get a job in a cool place? Don’t throw it in your friends’ faces.

Nothing is more exciting than working in a new city. Rather than obnoxiously bragging about it to your friends, you should express (at least a tiny bit) of sadness that you are moving away from them. You could even encourage them to go to the same city with you!

Are you finding that you can’t stop yourself from bragging about your job successes to your friends? Stop by the CCO during drop-ins 10am-4pm Monday-Friday to learn how to best channel that energy into developing a killer LinkedIn profile! Remember that the job search process is incredibly stressful, so while we encourage you to celebrate your amazing accomplishment, be aware that your friends are crossing their fingers and hoping they’ll experience the same victory as you soon.

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