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Why do a peer mock interview?

With spring recruitment fair season in full swing, we think it’s important to shed some light on the CCO’s newest service and how it can be of benefit to you.

The CCO has recently launched the peer mock interview service, giving us the ability to accommodate more students than ever before. While the CCO has always offered mock interviews, they used to only be available with career counselors for students who completed an extensive pre-interview process by recording themselves answering interview questions through Interview Stream. This process often took a week or longer to be completed.

However, with peer mock interviews, you can now schedule your appointment online with only a 24-hour notice. This will be extremely beneficial to those who land interviews through job fairs on campus and want to reign in their pre-interview jitters beforehand.

Our ambassadors have been trained and certified to conduct a proper interview with you, and are able to give peer advice on your interviewing style and answers. They can also provide feedback for your interview outfit, or help you pick out the perfect outfit at the Career Closet.

Peer-mock interviews are the perfect way to prepare for your interview and help ensure that you’re being your best ‘you.’

To ensure this, interviewers will help you with your elevator pitch and how to construct a strong answer to one of the most dreaded interview questions (“tell me about yourself.”) From there, they will ask you a mix of common traditional and behavioral based questions and often will ask a few industry based questions as well.

This is all done in a private room and your mock interviewer will help you put together solid answers to any questions you may struggle with as well as guide you with your company research in order to be well-prepared for when it comes time for your real interview.

Mock interviews are a perfect way to make sure you ace the interview. With the opportunity to construct well-rounded answers to questions and gain feedback on how you can present yourself as a strong candidate, it’s a great way to mute pre-interview jitters and be able to rock your interview with confidence. Why wouldn’t you sign up for one?

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