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Internship Spotlight: Cameron Fevig

Major: Computer and Information Technology Year: Junior

Where did you work this summer? JPMorgan Chase in Chicago

What was your role? Application Development Summer Analyst

What were your duties? I collaborated with an agile application development team by participating in code reviews and iteration planning. I also completed an error report for an extensive data analysis project working with a major banking application

What were your objectives/goals/desired outcomes for this internship? Gaining a better understanding of how technology is used in the financial services industry

Did you meet them? I learned a great deal about the different technologies used in financial services, so yes

What part of your internship did you enjoy the most? Living and working in downtown Chicago

How did you learn about the position? Industrial Roundtable

What was the application process like? Applied in the fall, submitted resume and applied online, 1 on-campus interview, and then received an offer a few weeks later

Any tips for landing an internship? Do your research and prepare for career fairs. Don’t be afraid to tell a recruiter exactly what you are looking for and why you are interested in the positions they offer. Network!

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