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Internship Spotlight: Bryan Ryder

Major: Aeronautical Engineering Year: Junior

Where did you work this summer? GE Aviation in Madisonville, Kentucky

What was your role? Manufacturing Engineer

What were your duties? – Upgraded processes to prepare for new engine production – Communicated new processes to operators to improve productivity and product output – Analyzed data to complete process capability and substantiation projects

What were your objectives/goals/desired outcomes for this internship? To gain experience in a manufacturing position and to focus on design for manufacturing

Did you meet them? I met my goals by learning as much as I could during my time at GE Aviation.

What part of your internship did you enjoy the most? I enjoyed working on new aircraft engine programs and preparing processes for increased product volume.

How did you learn about the position? Industrial Roundtable

What was the application process like? I applied during fall semester and had an interview during fall semester. I received my offer later that semester.

Any tips for landing an internship?

Be confident when talking to recruiters at a career fair and ask questions about the company. Don’t be afraid to tell the recruiter exactly what you are looking for during an internship.

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