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Study Abroad Spotlight: Kim Obergfell

Major: Industrial Management conc. MIS Year: Junior

Where did you study abroad? London, United Kingdom, through the summer Business Studies in London program

What did you do during your Study Abroad experience? I took two classes abroad: Financial Management and British Life and Business. I learned a lot about British culture and the way their businesses differ from America. We also went on field trips to the Bank of England, Barclay’s Bank, Parliament, Shakespeare’s Globe, The National Theatre, and The British Library to name a few. I was also able to travel to Paris and Scotland! What were some of the goals you had for your summer abroad? My goals for my trip were to meet new people, branch out, and learn about a new culture. I definitely met my goals by stepping out of my comfort zone and taking in everything around me. It was such a great learning experience to be in a new country and I would definitely recommend everyone studying abroad at least once.

What did you enjoy most about your experience? I really enjoyed seeing all the touristy sights as well as the sights that only the locals knew. My favorite part was going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and seeing all the original props, sets, costumes, and creatures that were used in the films!

How did you learn about the Business Studies in London Program? Through the Krannert School of Management Study Abroad website.

How did you apply for the program? You had to apply online and then also apply for the scholarship by writing a few paragraphs. Plan ahead early and talk with your advisor if you are looking to study abroad!

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