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Jobs 4: The Persuader

Do you have an uncanny ability to read other people’s nonverbal communication and to anticipate what others will say and do? Do you love the challenges of selling and negotiating? Are you good at getting people to do what you want? If so, congratulations! You are a persuader! Read on to see 10 jobs that would be a good fit for your personality type.

1. Marketing Internship: AGCO Corporation

Interested in completing high level projects that drive growth within a Fortune 500 Corporation? AGCO Corporation is looking for highly talented undergrad students who have a desire to work full time in a marketing role at a Fortune 500 Corporation.

2. IT Project Manager: ULINE

Looking for a leadership position that drives the company forward? ULINE is looking for an IT Project Manager to design project plans, manage day-to-day IT projects, coordinate modifications of existing systems/applications/changes in current methods, and oversee quality control. This position comes with benefits: complete insurance coverage, 401k with company match, tuition reimbursment, and more!

3. Sales Internship: Beverly Hills Marketing

Do you have self-motivation, strong verbal skills, excellent work ethnic, and a basic knowledge of negotiation skills? Gain experience in the sales industry by shadowing sales representatives, communicating with customers, making sales calls, managing ads, and working on long-term projects.

4. Internal Audit Internship: Baldwin & Lyons, Inc.

Interested in performing scheduled operational audits with Sarbanes-Oxley testing for financial controls? Looking to improve capabilities through ongoing mentorship?

5. Marketing Intern: SensorHound Innovations LLC

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Work for this Purdue based start-up that is developing advanced reliability and security software for the next generation of the internet. They’re looking for someone who is interested in customer development and can think on their feet!

6. Campus Sales: Rice n Simple

Want to take on the challenge of completing these tasks?

  • Find out the buyer for school convenience stores, dining, training tables, or vending machine vendor

  • Approach the buyer and present our products. All samples will be provided.

  • Close the sales.

7. Police Officer: Lafayette Police Department

Think you can promote a safe environment and enforce Indiana State Law? Take on the responsibility!

8. Network Specialist: Grayhill, Inc.

Love the title of Network Specialist? Grayhill, Inc. is looking for someone who is able to install, configure and troubleshoot associate workstation computers, servers, and local area networks. The Network Specialist will also support the MIS Manager, department, and employees with a variety of IT needs.

9. Indiana Senate Communications Internship: Indiana State Senate

Looking for paid, hands-on experience in the state legislature? During this internship, you will work alongside legislators, press secretaries, policy analysts, visual communication specialists, and the Statehouse press; write and edit columns, op-eds, and press releases; create electronic communication and social media strategies; and more!

10. Technical Sales Consultant: Unconventional Solutions, Inc.

Are you comfortable wearing proper PPE such as safety glasses, ear plugs and a hard hat while occasionally getting your hands dirty? Interested in seeing prospects, customers and clients by appointment or a drop in basis, along with occasional in person marketing blitzes?

Didn’t see an internship or job that fits under your major? Follow @Jobs4Boilers on Twitter for more internship and job postings or search myCCO for specific positions that interest you. Good luck!

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