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How to make this your best year yet

With the first week of classes almost complete, we hope you’re as excited as we are to have a productive and exciting school year. With that being said, here are some tips from the CCO on how to ensure it’s your best year yet.


With a new year comes a fresh start. Use this opportunity to reorganize yourself to increase productivity, save yourself stress and time.


With a fresh start comes the opportunity to revamp an aspect of your life that you may not have been so successful with, such as grades, diet, exercise routine or maybe even finally starting that new Netflix series you’ve been meaning to watch. Be sure to integrate these changes into your everyday routine, and soon enough, they’ll become second nature.


We know, we know, we know. You hear this all the time. But, SERIOUSLY! Take advantage of all the opportunities you have to be involved while you’re in college. Join something you’re passionate about and find out what you like. This is a time for self exploration. Whether it be a social organization (like Greek Life), a professional organization, or a fun one like Medieval Times Club or intramural soccer, just get involved. You will probably never have as many opportunities as you do now.


While sweatpants are a saving grace during your college years, it’s always nice to dress up at least every once in awhile to remind yourself (and all your friends) that you do indeed own clothing besides leggings and over sized sweatshirts. Plus, it’ll boost your confidence and you’ll feel ~flawless~.


College is a time for self exploration, and you’ll never know until you try. Trying something new could be something as simple as eating a pickle for the first time since you declared your disdain for them during your early childhood. It could also be something as big as studying abroad in Africa for a semester. Take advantage of your opportunities and discover new things. You’ll learn more about yourself than you could ever imagine.


Gain a head start by preparing a list of possible companies you want to apply for jobs or internships at. It will eliminate the stress that often comes with procrastination in the spring once it’s time to send out your applications. Make sure to stop by the CCO to help perfect your resume and cover letters for the job search!

And most importantly,


Between acing all your classes, finding your dream internship and making it on time to all of your intramural soccer games, don’t forget to relax and take a breather once in awhile. Catch up on sleep and grab a coffee with your friends. Otherwise, they will probably start to miss you a lot! After all, you couldn’t get through college without them.

Now go forth, young Jedi, and have yourself the greatest year yet! We can’t wait to see what all you accomplish.

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