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33 Common interview questions

Prepping for an interview? This is by no means a complete list of every interview question your interviewer could ask, but it should cover a lot of ground and get you prepared to think in the right way to answer those questions.

  1. Tell me about yourself.

  2. Tell me about your education.

  3. What are your strengths?

  4. What are 2 – 3 weaknesses you need to improve?

  5. How would you define success?

  6. Describe an ideal work environment.

  7. What is your greatest achievement and why?

  8. What are your salary expectations?

  9. Why do you want to work here?

  10. Why should I hire you?

  11. What can you offer us that someone else can not?

  12. How do others describe you?

  13. What is your dream job?

  14. Name three adjectives that describe you.

  15. Describe the situations in which you are most comfortable as a leader.

  16. Tell me about a time when your first solution did not resolve an issue. What did you do?

  17. Who has been instrumental in helping you develop your performance over the last few years? In what way?

  18. Tell me about a well-functioning team that you were on. Why do you think the team worked so well together?

  19. Describe an instance in which you were able to persuade an important person over to a new way of thinking.

  20. On a scale of 1-10, how organized are you?

  21. Tell me about a project that you started but never finished. Why did you not complete the project and how did that make you feel?

  22. Describe a high pressure situation you had to handle at work. Tell me what happened, who was involved, and what you did in terms of problem solving.

  23. Give an example of how you solved a problem in the past.

  24. What do you consider the most important idea you contributed or your most noteworthy accomplishment in your last job?

  25. Give an example of a time you showed leadership and initiative.

  26. Describe your best/worst boss.

  27. In a job, what interests you the most/least?

  28. Where do you see yourself in three years?

  29. Give a time when you went above and beyond the requirements for a project.

  30. What was your biggest failure?

  31. What was the last book you’ve read for fun?

  32. How many tennis balls can you fit in a limousine?

  33. What questions do you have for me?

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