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3 Ways to use search engine optimization & social media in your job search

Being on the job hunt has drastically changed over the last five years. The economy has gone through some serious changes and so has the job market. This means that recent graduates need to change up their game too. Here are some tips to help your online personal brand land you your dream job!

SEO – Make sure your name ranks for what you want

Have you ever typed your name into Google just to see what would pop up? If you haven’t, you should. Your potential employer probably will. T­­his is why it is important for the first five to ten results for your name to be findable and positive. After your search of your name, if none of your personal work or social media come up or if it was something that didn’t show you in a positive light then it’s time to do some search engine optimization for your personal brand.

A great way to do this is to start with some basics. If you haven’t already, create accounts with LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. These social media outlets usually rank well for your name. Also, think about creating your own blog to publish your work and resume. Most employers love being about to see a digital portfolio. This will also rank well for your name in search engines.

Social Media – Follow companies you are interested in joining

Once you have all your social media accounts up and running it’s time to start following companies that you are interested in. Most companies now will share their job openings on their social media account before anywhere else. This will keep you in loop and most up-to-date on opportunities and will also give you all the company news you could want. This will make the interview process much easier because you will already what has been happening the company. But don’t let this take place of doing research on the company before an interview; this will just give you a leg up.

Social Media – Be active with these companies and influencers

Since you are now following your favorite companies it’s time to interact with them and their employees in the department you’re interested in joining. This would be replying to a tweet, Facebook status/share or blog post. Make sure to provide valuable information while d

oing this. Don’t just comment to comment, make it a meaningful interaction. Also, retweeting and marking something as a favorite are great ways to interact.

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