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A Boilermaker who...uses her positive attitude

This week we interviewed Samantha Jean Werry, a senior from Poseyville, IN who is studying Visual Communications Design (Graphic Design). See how she uses her positive attitude to excel in the real world.

Tell me about yourself:

I currently live in an amazing cooperative house called Ann Tweedale where I am involved with multiple house duties. I was recently involved in the Purdue University’s Clay Club where we students sold our ceramic pieces to fellow students on campus. A few pieces of my design work has also been accepted into the Purdue’s Art Exhibition as well as another art exhibition called Westwood. I love playing all sports, drawing in pen and ink, 3D package design, photography, my friends, and watching movies.”

What internship and “real-world” experience have you gained while at Purdue University?

I have actually held two internships in my time at Purdue. One was over the summer in Indianapolis with my favorite company in the world, RCI, where I learned so much. I learned how to do a group project with fellow interns, learn that the company environment and moral is vital, how to complete projects with a set due date, and most of all, enjoy my time there. After I realized how astonishing this company and its employees are, I wanted to stay working there for the rest of my life but sadly, it was only an internship. I am the kind of person who goes out of the way to smile, wave, and say good morning to other people and that is exactly what that company did. They made me feel welcome, they made me love what I was doing, and most importantly, made me feel engaged and actually contributing to the overall success of the company.

My other internship is here at Purdue in Liberal Arts Career Development. Like my last internship, I have loved it here just as much. I have worked with some amazing team members who are more than willing to help each other out if needed. My boss has helped me grow personally with multiple aspects of my career path. I have learned a style of working with Purdue’s requirements as well as putting in my personal touch of the pieces I have designed. I have also been assigned multiple projects to project manage and develop throughout the year. Overall, my experience here has helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses and how to grow as an employee, person, and designer.

Do you have any plans or goals for after graduation in May?

My overall goal is to keep working for my summer internship at RCI in Indianapolis. So far, it has been a bumpy road finding a job, but I know I will come out on top. I know I want to be in the Indianapolis area because for one, it is far enough from my hometown, but not too far at the same time. Family is a big value in my life and I have always wanted to keep them close while having the ability to venture out on my own. I am planning on getting married this coming spring to my amazing fiancé as well. Overall, my goal is to be happy. I do not care about anything else. So what ever brings me happiness in life, I will follow, not the money, the fame, and a big house.

What are some pieces of advice you would like to pass on to your fellow classmates as you leave Purdue University?

Some advice I give to my fellow students looking for an internship or even a job is to make connections and keep them. Start networking as soon as you can! Get a LinkedIn account and actually use it! Stay in touch with everyone you meet. Always have a good first impression on people because you never know when you will run into them again. Be close with your professors and ask for a letter of recommendation from them! That will make you stand out among the rest of the students applying. Just be yourself and you will land the job that fits you. Remember, when you are interviewing, you are not the only one being interviewed. You should interview them to make sure your personality fits the company’s environment or morals.

Thanks Samantha for your advice! Good luck in your future endeavors and congratulations on your upcoming graduation from Purdue University. We know you will do big things one day. Boiler Up!

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