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A Boilermaker who...distinguishes herself

This week we talked with senior Lisa Abrego about her accomplishments at Purdue University. She had some pretty interesting things to say. Check them out below!

Tell me about yourself:

I am a senior double majoring in Political Science and Public Relations, with a minor in Art and Design. I am from San Salvador, El Salvador, which is the smallest country in Central America. I am looking forward to be graduating in a little over a month and starting a career in Washington, DC.

What has been some of your involvement at Purdue over the past few years?

During my time at Purdue, I have been involved with a lot of organizations related to my majors, as well as greek life and other passions of mine. Currently I am the President of Lambda Pi Eta, the Communication Honors Society, and serve as the TOMS Campus representative as well. I am also heavily involved with Project Impact. I found that becoming involved with these organizations was easy because people with whom I shared the same interests and motivations surrounded me.

How have you applied what you’ve learned in the classroom to the “real world?”

I had my real world experience when I was involved with Boiler Communication, the student-run Public Relations firm at Purdue. It was an extraordinary experience to work hands-on with a West Lafayette business and help it come closer to the achievement of its goals. The team of associates who worked with me was truly incredible and we were able to put out quality flyers and brochures that drastically increased our client’s appeal.

I also became involved with Project Impact when I enrolled in Ambassador Curiel’s class last spring, and then attended the Maymester in DC program. Project Impact has greatly contributed to my college education by exposing me to guests and opportunities that I otherwise would not have had, and I will be eternally grateful and indebted for that. We have been able to learn from Brian Lamb, executive chairman and founder of C-SPAN, through classes and by his example. We have also hosted distinguished journalists, authors, and historians – all of whom have contributed to my newfound perspective and have taught me something new.

As with most of my extracurriculars at Purdue, Project Impact and Boiler Communication have been great contributors to my professional work ethic and development.

As I am looking for jobs and internships for post-grad life, I find myself more prepared and comfortable because of the training and mentorship I have received these last few years. Project Impact especially succeeds in placing Purdue on the map because it facilitates interactions between students and distinguished professionals in working environments.

What are your plans after graduation in May?

Come graduation, I will be moving to the nation’s capital to pursue a career relating to politics and media, making good use of my studies at Purdue. I have a wide range of interests and can see myself doing many different things, so I am pursuing different opportunities.

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