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LinkedIn Today: A powerful tool for business knowledge

As a Career Coach, I recommend to you that as you enter the workforce, you make an effort to stay current on business trends within your industry and, if you want to be a manager, director, or CEO one day, make a habit of reading what the business thought leaders are saying.

Being well informed of the events, issues, and climate changes in your industry will help you create more success in your career.

LinkedIn Today is a special feature of LinkedIn that gives you a personalized news source. This feature selects stories that your industry peers and your connections are reading and writing (curated content), so that you can focus on what matters most to your industry.

LinkedIn Today shows you three social views of professional news that you can’t get anywhere else:

  1. What your connections are sharing

  2. What your industry peers are sharing

  3. What stories are being shared by professionals in other industries on LinkedIn

That way, you are getting stories that people have “voted on” (by sharing), the stories that matter to people. Basically these are the stories that are trending (categorized by Industry) on LinkedIn and Twitter.

To get started, you will select the industries you want to follow. For example, if you are in Marketing, you would want to follow the Marketing industry, but you would also want to follow the industrythat your company does marketing for, such as the automobile industry and the manufacturing industry.

LinkedIn Today will select the trending stories in each industry you have chosen. And it will keep feeding these stories into your news feed constantly, so that the news you receive is always fresh.

That way you will be up-to-date on the latest industry news. Then, when you talk to your boss, peers, and customers, you can discuss the latest stories and they will be impressed that you know about the important topics in your industry.

So let’s get started! It’s never too early to be up on the current news!​

1. On LinkedIn, from the News navigation icon at the top of the page, choose "LinkedIn Today" from the drop-down menu.

2. On the LinkedIn Today home page, click on the settings icon at the top right (it looks like a bolt).

3. Choose the industries you would like to follow by clicking on your selected Industry in either the Suggestions for You list or the All Industries list. In the example below, I chose to follow Management Consulting, Human Resources, and Automotive.

4. You can also "follow" specific news sources such as The Wall Street Journal.

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