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Developing professionally as a CCO Student Ambassador and intern

Starting out as a CCO Ambassador last year, I was very excited about what was in store for me. When we all came together for training I was a bit nervous because I was not exactly sure of everything I would be learning. We dove right in learning basics about resumes, cover letters, and the CCO Home Page where we would need to direct students to the resources we have available to them.

I was unaware of the impact being a CCO Ambassador would have on both my student career and professional development at that time. I loved helping students on resume and cover letter critiques giving advice on what might need to be changed or what looked great.

Throughout the year working with students during CCO drop-in hours, giving job search advice, and participating on the recruitment team were the activities I enjoyed the most. Giving presentations and working with employers either at career fairs or company luncheons also enhanced my skill set.

Working with the employers helped me gain confidence in communicating with recruiters at Career Fairs and, in my mind, helped me land my dream internship this past summer. The best thing about this position? I enjoyed working in the CCO and I looking forward to work which is a huge difference compared to many students who have on campus jobs.

After my first year as a CCO Student Ambassador, I was promoted to the role of Ambassador Coordinator Intern. I absolutely love managing the ten first year student ambassadors we currently have in the CCO. I began this new position by planning the two day training session for the new ambassadors. I also put together the work schedule which proved to be much more difficult than I anticipated.

As a group, we set up project and campus outreach teams, set team meeting times, and mapped out goals for the semester. We have a team meeting every other week and one-on-one meeting the off weeks to monitor and gage professional development, strengths, and weaknesses. I really enjoy the group of ambassadors we have. We have had some challenges but those challenges help me develop management skills and experience supervising peers. Working and managing peers can be the hardest challenge at times.

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