2020 - 2021

Jason Moreira (Peer Consultant Supervisor)

Senior in Accounting

“As the Peer Consultant Supervisor, I oversee our team of Peer Consultants and help Purdue students develop professionally through mock interviews, presentations, and resume reviews. My favorite thing about being the Peer Consultant Supervisor is working with such a dynamic and dedicated team of Peer Consultants and learning from the CCO staff. My goal is to make sure every student I interact with leaves motivated to continue their professional development." 

Fun Fact: I used to live in Singapore for 4 years!

Yat Hin Kenneth Au-yeung (3rd Year Peer Consultant)

Senior in Aeronautical Engineering Technology

"I help students with resumes, CV, job search strategies, and provide them with the inspiration and resources to become successful in their professional life. My favorite thing about my position is the ability to work alongside a dynamic and kindhearted team whom I can reach out for help at any time. Through interacting with students and staff at the CCO, I hope that I can become a more well-rounded person and gain confidence in public speaking and communication. This year I look forward to continuing to help students to achieve their best potential."

Fun Fact: I hold a private pilot certificate!

Claudia Duncan (2nd Year Peer Consultant)

Junior in Data Science

"As a Peer Consultant, I advise students on their resumes, cover letters, LinkedIns, and more! I also administer mock interviews and present at outreach events. Because I work directly with students, I love seeing the impact I have and watching others develop professionally. I hope to make each student feel more confident about their career search and development than they did before we met. I'm looking forward to improving my interpersonal skills and adapting to the needs of each individual student. "

Fun Fact: I love country music! Currently, my favorite artist is Morgan Wallen, and I've met him twice!

Lauren Costello (2nd Year Peer Consultant)

Junior in Nursing

"I hope to make a difference in a student's career development process. Whether that's a small change to their LinkedIN profile or helping them land a full-time position. I am most looking forward to connecting and collaborating with a diverse range of students every single day. The individuals that come into the CCO are both undergraduates, graduates, and alumni from all backgrounds, majors, career goals, etc."

Fun Fact: I have lived in seven different states!

Jessica Patellos (2nd Year Peer Consultant)

Junior in Political Science and Spanish

"As a Peer Consultant I have the opportunity to assist students interested in developing professional skills by supporting them in the process of understanding employer expectations and feeling confident in expressing their abilities on paper or in person. I look forward to making sure students know they can start career development at any point during their time at Purdue. I want to make it known that it is never too soon or too late to use the resources at the CCO to understand the expectations of the professional world and feel confident in their individual ability."

Fun Fact: I am scared of butterflies!

Katie Ley (2nd Year Peer Consultant)

Junior in Finance

"As a Peer Consultant, I help students improve their resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn accounts, and help answer job-related questions as well as conduct mock interviews. I love being able to help students feel more confident and well prepared as they look for internships or jobs and start the process of that. I hope to create confidence within all students that they have done great things and they are able to take their experiences and schooling and get the job of their dreams."

Fun Fact: I am the third and final Ley sister to work at the CCO!

Mya Carter (2nd Year Peer Consultant)

Senior in Business Management

"As a Peer Consultant, I have the opportunity to advise my peers on their resumes, cover letters, and help them develop professionally. I hope to leave a positive impact on the individuals I assist. I want my peers to leave with confidence, and be excited about their updated professional materials. I am looking forward to meeting and connecting with new individuals with different experiences and backgrounds."

Fun Fact: I am obsessed with Food Network!

Andrew Mayes (1st Year Peer Consultant)

Sophomore in Finance

"As a Peer Consultant, I provide resume and cover letter services, and give career advice to students of all majors. I hope to be able to learn something new everyday, whether that may be pertaining to resume/cover letters, or specific career fields that students are pursuing. Through my position, I am looking forward to creating and meeting students of all majors, each with unique career aspirations."

Fun Fact: I am bilingual and can speak Japanese fluently!

Claire Malinowski (1st Year Peer Consultant)

Sophomore in Finance

"The main thing I want to accomplish as a Peer Consultant is to establish connections with the students that I'm working with. At the end of the appointment, my goal is to have students walk away with greater confidence in themselves professionally and be excited to grow throughout their college career. I am looking forward to gaining experience in holding mock interviews appointments next semester and getting to know the other Peer Consultants!"

Fun Fact: I am writing a screenplay in my free time!

Kristin Speer (1st Year Peer Consultant)

Senior in Retail Management

"My favorite thing as a peer consultant is helping students gain the tools and knowledge they need to develop professionally. I hope that I can help motivate every student to continue developing themselves as individuals and professionals. There are always ways that we can continue to improve ourselves. I look forward the most to continuing to meeting new people. I have met many students with similar majors, yet they are still so different from each other. Students often times teach me things as well, which I really enjoy."

Fun Fact: I love McDonald's cokes! I don't drink as many now but I used to drink at least five a day...

Nathan Blume (1st Year Peer Consultant)

Senior in Agricultural Economics and Political Science

"My favorite thing about being a Peer Consultant is building connections and relationships with the students I assist. I hope to build upon my ability to communicate effectively, deliver workshops and presentations at an exceptional level, and provide substantive recommendations while assisting various students in their career endeavors. I am looking forward to being able to take the next step in my position and provide career advice through presentations to student organizations, mock interviews, and assisting with the job application process."

Fun Fact: I grew up showing pigs and dairy cattle!

Anna Baker (1st Year Peer Consultant)

Junior in Selling and Sales Management

"In my current position, I help with Quick Chats where I meet with my peers to review their resumes, CVs, and cover letters, in order to grow professionally. I hope that by helping other students grow professionally I am able to internally help myself do the same. As I interact with other Peer Consultants and students through workshops and quick chat appointments, I hope to learn something new from everyone I interact with. I am most looking forward to growing my responsibilities by gaining the skills to begin Mock Interviews and helping others on topics such as LinkedIn and myCCO."

Fun Fact: I grew up a mile from the beach!

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