2020 - 2021

Antonia Loh

Senior in Industrial Management and Data Analytics

"As a marketing intern, I create graphics for multiple social platforms and TV displays that promote workshops, events, and CCO services. Designing and creating graphics is one of my favorite creative outlets and I am excited that I am able to share my work with a greater audience. I have also had the opportunity to utilize my analytical skills and create infographics that support strategic marketing decisions. By way of this position, I hope to build my professional network as well as expand my creative portfolio."

Jordan Ingraham

Senior in Marketing

"On the marketing team, we manage the voice and brand of the CCO. I am responsible for producing and hosting The Success Express podcast which focuses on sharing professional development experiences and advice. My other responsibilities include graphic design, writing blogs, and managing other marketing requests for the CCO. I love the diversity in projects I get to have a hand in through this position. I have been able to strengthen my existing marketing skills and develop new skills and interests along the way. By way of this position, I hope to continue to foster relationships and grow my professional network as well as build upon my portfolio."

Elizabeth Vernier

Junior in Marketing and Management

"Some of my main job responsibilities include creative projects, writing blog posts, and analyzing student engagement with CCO content to ultimately bridge the gap between students and employers. My favorite thing about the job is the amazing people I work with and seeing my visions come to life through real-world projects with the CCO. I hope to gain more analytical marketing skills as well as finding my creative voice through writing and creating engaging content."

Windle Fray

Junior in General Communications and English

"My major job responsibilities are managing the CCO's social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I draft blog posts on various topics with the hope to inform and engage Purdue students. I love having the ability to use my creativity when creating social media posts and graphics. However, the most rewarding part of the job is engaging with students through social media. I hope that students are recognizing the opportunities put forth by the CCO and grasp ahold of them. I hope to continue to gain insight on social media from an analytical standpoint, in turn, allowing me to most effectively interact with Purdue's student body. "

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