2021 - 2022

David Chapman

Senior in Animation and Fine Arts

“I help people who need to use career closet, assist interviewers and interviewees by offering advice and direction. I get to interact with people but I also have time to work on homework or do other smaller office keeping things especially in seasons when we do not have a lot of career fairs going on. To do the best that I can to perform my job well and above especially given some of the flexibility I have this semester in terms of scheduling. I look forward to improving upon where I was last year. I feel like I have learned so much since freshman year in terms of professional etiquette and how to interact with people in a professional way from this job."

Rory Vetrovsky

Senior in Human Resource Development

"I manage appointments for students and faculty, perform receptionist tasks, and aid in projects around the CCO. My favorite aspect of this position is being able to witness all the ways the CCO helps Purdue's students build their academic and career paths. I hope to improve my professional skills and create new network connections. I am most looking forward to helping students navigate the CCO!"

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